sourcing the Land

They say it is the journey not the destination. While we certainly have experienced the many gifts the journey itself offers, in the case of Ubuntu, placing our feet literally on her earth was transformative. The feelings of being home were so deep in our DNA.  The details of how we found Ubuntu can be found here in this blog post. 

Building process

This process started prior to us ever cutting a tree or moving an ounce dirt. We are committed to co-creating with nature and Ubuntu unfolds. We work with Machelle Smith work regarding Perelandra. This means we are in communication with Ubuntu about how will co-create the this land into a safe haven, for souls to show up.

Ubuntu welcome sign
We communed with Ubuntu to understand where the main building and all supporting buildings and gardens that will come to be here. When we purchased the land the building, water and septic were all plotted out.  For the most part, it was all in agreement with Ubuntu, there was one exception and an amazing story to read if this piques your interest.
green lines

Envision Community

From day one we knew Ubuntu would be a safe haven. We did not fully understand what that entailed, and it continues to unfold in some amazing ways. Some of the key factors for Ubuntu’s future are:

The Ubuntu Experience

A year-long personal, intimate, and intensive journey through all four areas of your soul alignment to collective unity. 

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