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The Ubuntu Offerings

Ubuntu is a safe place for souls to show up. 

Our offerings facilitate awareness, alignment, transformation, and unification for the life you came to live. 

Grace Quotient Quiz

Uncovering Your Grace Quotient: Discover the access points to grace you already have and what access points there are to discover!

Graceful Leadership 
30-Day Challenge

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Join a community of souls discovering how to increase their capacity to live and lead with grace for just a few minutes a day over the course of 30 days.

Gratitude 540 course

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Engaging the Soul of Work: Learn the process of engaging the should of work and vibrating at 540 with gratitude, living into your authentic purpose. 

Graceful Leadership

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The Power of Alignment, Integration, and Flow: Learn how to access your creative inner power to lead yourself and others, both confidently and soulfully. 

On-site Retreats


A year-long personal, intimate, and intensive journey through all four areas of your soul alignment to collective unity. 

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On-site Retreats:
The Ubuntu Experience

As we build Ubuntu and explore its potential, we are creating the space for in-depth, intimate year-long personal retreat. 

More information coming later in 2021. 


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